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Ray King is an accomplished artist who uses the natural phenomena of light as it interacts with glass and optics as an art medium. By creating dynamic interactions with the sun and refracting light into colors -- rainbow like emanations that shift and change as the viewer moves or as the light source changes -- King creates an environment that appeals to viewers’ sense of wonderment and delight.

King is particularly interested and inspired by how ancient cultures used light in their rituals and monuments, and how they used mathematics in their artwork to understand planetary movement and their relation to the universe. In his art, King strives to create high-tech structures that sculpt light in a similar manner, to shine like beacons in the darkness (one of his areas of interest is projecting light into shadow), in order to create a spark in the imagination of the viewer.

His artwork uses mathematics and sacred geometry, scaled to the golden mean, to add a humanistic element and proportion to public art. Using advanced technology, King designs three-dimensional shapes and patterns that are inspired by forms found in nature. These forms are astoundingly complex, yet simple and elegant, primitive, yet futuristic.

Glass, King’s primary medium, provides a durable, yet transparent, surface that can be laminated with other materials to dynamically interact with light (and create safety glass as well). King specializes in working with high-tech holographic and dichroic laminate films and coatings that bend, or split, light wavelengths into a wide spectrum of brilliant colors. He also has vast experience creating tectonic, tensile structures made of stainless steel cable and hardware that articulate and give definition to the artwork.

King began working with stained glass in the early 1970s, and has exhibited his work internationally since 1976, including exhibitions in Italy, Japan, England, Spain and France. Major permanent installations of his work have been commissioned throughout the United States and abroad. All are site-specific and inspired by the surrounding space and landscape to create a unique sense of place and identity.

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