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Chunghwa National Telecom / Ministry of Communications
Taipei, Taiwan

Installed in 2007 for the Ministry of Communication / Chungwa Telecommunications Complex in Taipei, Taiwan, "Time/Space" is a spatial array of thousands of dichroic glass elements that form a suspended, three-dimensional hourglass. The sculpture is imbued with cross-cultural metaphors, inspired by the physical representation of the passage of time and its most ancient symbol the hourglass, the Chinese lucky number 8 and the mathematical symbol of infinity.

The stainless steel rings at the top and base of "Time/Space" suspend the hourglass form on tensioned cables attached to 24 radial cables that reference the hours of the day. The reflective glass elements are coated with dichroic film that changes color depending on the angle of light and the orientation of the viewer. They appear suspended in space, stacked like layers of digital information, a futuristic meditation on time."

38' H x 16' W x 16' D 11.6m H x 4.8m W x 4.8m D
Dichroic Glass, Stainless Steel