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Utah Valley University
Orem, Utah

CHIRAL RING – is a luminous suspended sculpture inspired by the mathematical theory of chirality (asymmetrical and not identical to its mirror image) that functions like a grand chandelier to refract and disperse light and color into the surrounding space.  In CHIRAL RING, I have combined several metaphors of chirality as found in physics and chemistry. The structure has two exterior toroidal paths that connect to 24 hexagons. The nodes of the ring connect in polygonal form – similar to models of bonds in particle physics.

The atrium space is a convergence of several levels and sources of light. CHIRAL RING floats in the space, interacting with sunlight through the glass curtain wall, as well as the light monitors, visible from the bridge, ground floor, mezzanine and the exterior of the building. At night, a row of halogen track spotlights, along the return wall of the bridge, illuminate the sculpture and create color reflections on the ceiling and large wood wall.

6'10-" h x 30'6" w x 30'6" d, 208 cm x 930 cm x 930 cm
Dichroic Glass, Stainless Steel