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Chiral Lens

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

Commissioned by the University of Nebraska


Chiral Lens is a wall-mounted sculpture made from laminated dichroic glass and stainless steel tubes and cables attached to the east wall of the Physical Sciences Building. The lens was inspired by the artist’s visit to the university’s department of Physics and Astronomy in Nov 2008, when he learned that one of the underlying characteristics in particle physics is the balance of handed or "Chiral" particles that are inherent in the nature of atomic structure. King used this reference in the lens to have one half of the facets face South and the other that face North. The coating on the glass is the same but each facet looks different as the angles change. It is best viewed by walking the elevated walkways where the viewer sees one set of facets reflecting (yellow) and the other set transmitting (blue) color as one walks the spaces.

31'3" h x 18'11" w x 3'3" d, 9.5m x 5.5m x .9m
Dichroic Glass, Stainless Steel